Water saving products and ideas

There are lots of ways that you can save water around your home and garden. By creating drought tolerant gardens and using more water-efficient products Australian households can save water and help the environment.

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Check for leaks

Leaking water pipes can occur almost anywhere - from within the newest homes, to the smallest gardens and the tallest buildings. The challenge of finding and fixing leaks never ends.

If you know what to look for, you can check for some common sources of leaks around your home.

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Create your own drought proof garden

We hosted a 100 square metre Drought Proof Garden in Martin Place, Sydney. It was home to over 15 varieties of water efficient plants and offered inspiration and tips on how we can keep gardens looking healthy during drought, whilst adhering to water restrictions.

For more ways you can save water at home, check out our water saving tips.

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Drought proof garden

Our plants

Drought Proof Garden

Looking for some new plants to create your very own Drought Proof Garden? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Mexican Fence Post(Pachycereus marginatus)
Loves full sun, a margarita and the occasional water.

Dwarf Century Plant(Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata)
Grows fast and can be propagated. Just make sure you remove the pups. Great for making new friends.

Queen Victoria Agave(Agave victoriae-reginae’)
Small but regal, a majestic water saving queen.

Grass Tree(Xanthorrhoea)
A true Aussie survivor, it can thrive in the poorest and driest of soil.

Mat Rush (Lomandra confertifolia)
Just try and kill this one. Will grow in almost any climate, soil, location or situation with almost zero maintenance.

Coastal Rosemary (Westringia fruticosa)
Like a weathered old fisherman, this coastal-native gets better with age. Can withstand everything from salt spray to drought.

Coral Jade Plant (Crassula arborescens‘Max Cook’)
Doesn’t like to be watered much so don’t be too trigger (nozzle) happy.

Butterfly Agave(Agave potatorum)
This rose-shaped plant is pricklier than the average rose, but needs much less water. So we like her better.

Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii)
Extremely drought tolerant, but can get a bit prickly when overtired.

Tree Aloe (Aloidendron barberae)
A tough and uncomplaining tree – what’s not to love? Great for courtyard gardens as it offers height and form, with no leaf drop.

Blue Chalk Sticks(Senecio serpens)
These blue beauties are so low maintenance, they’re practically indestructible.

Blue Glow Century Plant (Agave ‘Blue Glow’)
Elegant and evergreen in all types of soil, this succulent is perfect for a city garden.

Dragon Tree(Dracaena draco)
Still having Game of Thrones withdrawals? Try one of these trees to get your dragon fix. It’s a long-term investment, but patience and time will get you a new dragon BFF.

Cassa Blue Dianella (Dianella caerulea ‘Cassa Blue’)
A beautiful Aussie native that loves long walks on the beach and mulch.

Basket Grass (Lomandra longifolia)
Our favourite type of grass, this variety barely needs any water and isn’t picky when it comes to soil.

Gymea Lily(Doryanthes excelsa)
Bold, tough and larger than life – a true Sydney native. Thrives in a harsh climate and can even survive a bushfire.

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Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks make saving water simple. Capture and store rainwater from your roof to use around your home and garden.

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Complete your WaterFix® appointment and save water in your home. Fix leaks, discover water saving products, and have them installed by our licenced plumbers.

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Check out our Plant Selector to help you choose plants that are suited to your local soil and weather conditions. You can save water without restricting garden design.

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Water rating

WELS rated products

Look for the water rating label or text advice on products to help you understand the water efficiency of things like washing machines, showers, taps, toilets and more. The WELS Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme can help you choose more water efficient products for your home - the more stars, the more water efficient.

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WaterFix® Concealed Leaks

If the water usage on your water bill has increased, but you can't see a leak, you might need our WaterFix® Concealed Leaks service.

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Smart Approved Water Mark

Smart Approved Water Mark certifies water efficient products and services in Australia and Europe. They also provide advice to communities on water conservation around the home, garden and business. They help businesses reduce their water usage and save money through the delivery of water audits and recommendations.

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Snap Send Solve

Snap, send, solve

Download the app and report any faults on the go through Snap, send, solve.

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