Severe restrictions for Greater Sydney residents will be in place from 10 December

Check to see how Level 2 water restrictions apply to you

Why we need water restrictions as residents

With the drought getting worse, we need to closely watch how and when we use drinking water outdoors and indoors at home.

With little rainfall to replenish our dams across Greater Sydney, our water storage levels are extremely low.

Level 2 water restrictions are necessary to manage our low storage levels appropriately. We all must work together to reduce the consumption of drinking water wherever possible.

We must restrict our water usage to help us get through the drought period.

We all need to do our bit and save water. Together, we can make a big difference across Greater Sydney.

If you are a business in Greater Sydney find out what Level 2 restrictions apply to you here.

What are the water restrictions?

Level 2 water restrictions apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

  • You can only water your garden before 10am or after 4pm with a watering can or bucket
  • 'Smart' watering systems that include automated weather adjustment, a rain sensor or a soil moisture sensor and drip irrigation systems may only be used for 15 minutes before 10am or after 4pm
  • The use of unattended hoses is not permitted
  • Hosing of hard surfaces is not permitted, unless in an emergency or for health and safety reasons
  • You can wash your car with a bucket or at a commercial car wash
  • You will need a permit before filling a pool over 500L

Fines of $220 apply to individuals for not following water restrictions

What’s excluded from water restrictions?

Types of water:

  • Recycled water (supplied in some parts of Sydney through purple pipes)
  • Greywater (water from sinks, showers, washing machines etc)
  • Rainwater (as long as the tank/dam isn't topped up from, or switched to, the drinking water supply)
  • Bore water

Uses of water excluded:

  • Water used for firefighting, testing and related activities
  • Water used for dust suppression

Find out more about Level 2 water restrictions on Sydney Water.


How to save water at home

Water restrictions help us save water, but there are many other ways to save indoors and outdoors.

For more information on water saving tips, visit our tips page.