Why we need water restrictions

Water restrictions limit how and when we use drinking water outdoors and help reduce demand when we’re not getting enough rain.

With the drought getting worse, severe water restrictions will be in place from 10 December.

Level 2 water restrictions apply to everyone in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra. This includes both residents and businesses.

If we all do our bit and save, it will make a big difference across all of Greater Sydney.

Using drinking water for firefighting, testing and related activities is not restricted.

Storage level

Total water storage across Greater Sydney on Friday 6 December is 45.1%

This figure is updated daily from unverified data from WaterNSW.

Weekly verified reports can be viewed at the WaterNSW website.

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Water saving tips

Water restrictions help us save water, but there are many other ways to save. Check out how Sydney is saving water.

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