Stay hydrated

Water stations

Sydney's tap water is one of the best drinking waters in the world, providing you with safe and great tasting drinking water across Greater Sydney.

Refill your water bottle at a water station near you or apply for a free water station for your next community event.

Two young girls drinking from a Sydney Water refill station in the Northern Beaches.

Water refilling station near me

Say goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles and fill up at one of our permanent water stations. Find a water bottle refill station near you or report an issue using our online form.

Our water refill stations can be found at locations across Greater Sydney, providing easy access to safe and clean water for your bottle.

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Portable water stations

Provide access to free portable refill units, bubblers and water trailers at your next major community event.

Water refill stations and drinking fountains are a sustainable and waste-free way to access great quality drinking water at events. Fill out an application to request for free water stations at your next event. Terms and conditions apply.

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Portable refill stations

Choose tap water

Stay hydrated and cut down on plastic by filling up at a permanent water refilling station near you or portable water station at your next event.

Tap water is the most sustainable choice when it comes to quenching your thirst. With no additional packaging and plastic, refilling your water bottles is the most environmentally sustainable option to help reduce plastic waste and save money.

Enjoy high-quality drinking water with minimal impact on the environment by switching from bottled water to tap water.

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