Our water quality

We provide filtered drinking water to over five million people every day.
Water is vital to our existence. It’s our life source. So, it’s essential that our water is safe for all.

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Great drinking water

It’s our job to protect our community by providing safe drinking water to everyone across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra every day.

We don’t just want to provide safe water, we want to provide great water. We go to great lengths and take many steps, working around the clock to produce great quality drinking water.

Most of your drinking water is sourced from rainwater collected in lakes and rivers, surrounded by some of the most unspoilt native bushland in the region, including World Heritage national parks.

Water quality

Quality is checked and assured with continuous monitoring at key steps. This includes online monitoring of catchments, water filters and the water supply network.

On top of this, we do up to 70 laboratory tests from our water filtration plants to customers’ taps to confirm your drinking water is high quality.

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