Portable water stations

Provide free, portable water refill units, bubblers and water trailers at your next major community event. Request a free water station by filling out an application below.

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Portable drinking water stations

Sustainable and free to hire

Community events can create large amounts of waste. But, with free hydration stations to refill water bottles, everyone can stay hydrated and enjoy the most sustainable option to help our environment. By providing tap water at refill stations instead of plastic bottled water, we can do our part in reducing landfill waste and saving energy at events.

Like our permanent water refill stations, portable water stations offer high-quality water, zero waste and visitors can refill water bottles all day, free of charge. Our portable water stations are already used at cultural and community events across Greater Sydney. They are also incredibly popular, so make sure you book early for your next event.

Sydney Water will assist with sustainability messages and after your event, you’ll get a report that outlines how much plastic bottle waste was avoided and other sustainability benefits from using portable water refill stations at your event.

For more information and to see if your event fits the criteria, download our Portable Water Stations Fact Sheet.

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Request a portable water station

Fill out the application at the following link to request a portable and free water station at your next event. Make sure to read our Fact Sheet before proceeding.

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