Sydney Water has partnered with Eugene Tan of Aquabumps to release a limited-edition photography series that depicts the impact recent drought conditions have had on Greater Sydney during some of the driest conditions on record. The series aims to remind people about the record dry conditions across Greater Sydney and how steeply our dams declined. We hope it inspires Australians to do their bit by making water saving a daily habit.

The photography series was shot just a few days before the heavy rain we experienced, and the shots serve as a reminder of how the dry spell affects the lifestyle of Greater Sydney. Many people think drought is just a regional issue, but it affects all of Sydney from country to coast and we want to remind everyone through this photography series about the importance of making water saving a daily habit.

Our dam levels have increased thanks to recent rainfall; however, water is our most precious resource and it’s so important that we all continue to do our bit to save water now and into the future.

There are many ways to save water, from keeping your showers to four minutes and using the half flush on the toilet, to making sure you don’t leave the tap running. Visit our tips page here for more ways to save water.