There are many ways to save water… some better than others

Saving water comes in all shapes and sizes. Like getting a camel as a water-efficient pet or training naked to cut back on washing. Although it might be easier to simply stick with 4-minute showers and full loads of washing.

Find out how Sydney saves by visiting our tips page.

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Storage Level

Total water storage across Greater Sydney on Wednesday 16 October is 48.4%

This figure is updated daily from unverified data from WaterNSW.

Weekly verified reports can be viewed at the WaterNSW website.

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Water saving products

By using more water-efficient products Australian households can save water and help the environment.

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Water restrictions

What do level 1 water restrictions mean for you and your business?

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Our water

We have some of the best drinking water in the world and over five million people drink our refreshing tap water every single day.

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Reduce your impact

Sydney Water is committed to protecting and caring for our beaches and waterways. During 2016-17 we removed nearly 2,000 cubic metres of litter from waterways, including one million plastic bottles.

Drink containers are a huge part of the problem. Drinking tap water is a simple way we can all personally reduce our reliance on single use plastics.

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Water refill stations

Stay hydrated at our water stations across Greater Sydney or report an issue using our online form.

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